Who We Are

The Academy was formed in the year 2013 by Raju.J with an aim to grant opportunities for dancers to excel, advance and perform. A key component the Academy training is Performance. At the time our dancers are either at Intro or Intermediate level, as we continue to grow and train we will add more levels of dance.

The Academy has performed and competed on the finest platforms and helping students to mould a career in the field of Art. RBA (Rock Breakers Dance Academy) has grown stronger every passing day under the direction of Mr. Raju and Mrs. Raju, performing at biggest platforms in our country and across the World.
We believe ‘’Dance’’ is an Instrument of expression and communication.


We do various Corporate and Formal events. The spectrum of the event range from Flash mobs, stage shows, Corporate shows, Wedding Choreographies, School events and many more. We make every event a dream event, a memory you will cherish throughout.

Rajashekar. J

Director of RBA & Choreographer

Keshika Raju

Managing Director of RBA , Kathak Dancer & Entrepreneur