Stage Shows and Competitions

The stage serves as a space for performers and a focal point for the members of the audience. As an architectural feature, the stage may consist of a platform. Each form has its own style, but all of them are united by their common goal of artistic expression and the celebration of the human body.

Unique Styles

Humans have been dancing to express themselves since the dawn of time, and from those earliest gatherings spring the many types of dance we know today. Some, like folk dancing, have roots that go back centuries; other styles, like hip-hop, are decidedly modern.

Choreography and Back dancers

In dance, choreography is the act of designing dance. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance notation. A choreographer is one who creates dances. Dance choreography is sometimes called dance composition.


Rock Breakers, unique styles

When it comes to dance competitions for studios, working around a central theme adds an extra layer of shine that makes a performance and the studio more memorable. Best of all, using a dance theme also helps speed up decision-making, which can be helpful during dance competition season.

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